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About Michelle


Michelle has worked in the field of education in Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory as a primary school teacher.   In 2004 Michelle undertook a Diploma in Holistic Counselling.  Since then she has worked with parents and children, couples, and individuals covering a wide range of issues ranging from behavioural problems, marital issues and grief counselling, to working with individuals who are experiencing anxiety(see link in counselling page) problems, or feeling lost or unclear in their life.


Over time, this work has led Michelle to undertake further study on the brain and its functions and how this may impact our lives.  This led to undertaking a course in Neuromotor Imaturity with the Institute of Neuro-physiological Psychology (INPP).  INPP focuses on the development of the reflex system (both the primitive and postural reflexes) and how immaturity in these networks can lead to educational and behavioural problems.  INPP, has gathered and used both internal and external research, to develop assessment procedures and remediation exercises to help give these reflexes a second chance to develop the way nature intended.


After completing the Neuromotor Immaturity course Michelle also completed the Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation  Course (JIAS).  Children who display speech or language problems, have difficulty following instructions, speak without expression, or display hypersensitivity to loud noises may benefit from undergoing a listening test and having a programme devised that is tailored made to suit their needs. 

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