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Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation Therapy (JIAS)


Children /adults who may benefit from the Johansen IAS Programme may have problems with :-


  • Understanding/following directions

  • Listening (when there is background noise)

  • Difficulty following conversations

  • Hypersensitivity to sound

  • Difficulties with spelling, reading and writing

  • Difficulty with speech/pronunciation

  • Problems with concentration – being easily distracted


Johansen IAS may be able to assist in developing the neural pathways for you or your child by strengthening the neural connections using individualised CD’s tailored to your own needs.


Background to JIAS


Kjeld Johansen taught in the Denmark school system from 1963, working in the areas of maths, science and special education.  During this time he met and worked with Dr Christian Volf and shard his belief that the functioning of the right and left ears were different.  This led to Kjeld working with a musician – Bent-Peder Holbech to create music and the Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation Programme was developed. 


After an audiometric assessment is completed, specific areas of concern are revealed  and a JIAS programmed is developed to stimulate the nerve pathways connected to and within the brain.  This is achieved by listening to music that has been specifically designed for the individual  that has been assessed.

There are many two way links within the brain that are involved in listening.


Recent research suggests that changes and maturation in auditory processing that support speech, language and literacy development are dependent, at least in part, on stimulation. The individually customised, focused stimulation of Johansen IAS can contribute to the successful management of Auditory Processing Difficulties and Disorders.


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